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About us

Like many, we are a Venezuelan family that emigrated looking for a better future for our children. Living in Miami, we needed the flavors of our land. We searched, but we didn’t find something that satisfied us. To fulfill our need and the need of many friends, TQMUCH was born.
TQMUCH means “I love you very much”. TQMUCH expresses the feeling we have towards our Venezuela. We communicate that affection through our products. We started with Tequeños. However, now we produce and sell locally Cakes, Rice pudding (Arroz con Leche), Mandocas and other delicacies of our land.


We treat our clients as friends or guests. We offer our guests the best products. When we create our Tequeños TQMUCH, we use the best cheese, the best flour, and the best butter, among others. Likewise, we make them by hand and with affection, as they were traditionally made in Venezuela. Also, we use cheese in abundance so you can enjoy a real Tequeño (un Tequeño de verdad, verdad).


What is a Tequeño?

A Tequeño is a Venezuelan delicacy that must be present in every good party. Hence the phrase, "There is no wedding without Tequeño" (“No hay matrimonio sin Tequeño”). A good Tequeño is an abundant piece of white cheese wrapped in a thin crust made with flour and butter. The Tequeño must have enough cheese and the dough must be thin, soft and crunchy at the same time. Many of us eat them alone. Others add Ketchup or Green Sauce (“Salsa Verde”). Anyway you eat them, you will love our Tequeños TQMUCH.